by David Ney

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The second solo record by David Ney


released November 30, 2011

All songs written and composed by David Ney (Strayney Music)
Produced by David Ney, Pat Gay, Ricky Penalba, Ross Robinette, and Andre & Rhonda Ney
Engineered by Pat Gay, Ricky Penalba, David Ney and Ross Robinette
Assistant Engineered by Chad Fox
Recorded in 2011 at Sleng Teng, The Keaton Lab, Ross Robinette's House, and Shiitake Mushrooms HQ
Mastered by Paul Turpin at Champion St. Sound Studios
Photography by David Ney
Artwork and Layout by David Ney


Anna Arvan - Cello (2), Voice (7)
Kat Bula - Violin (2, 9), Voice (1, 5, 6, 7)
Wesley Davis - Piano, Organ (4), Voice (7)
Chad Fox - Electric Guitar (7)
Pat Gay - Drums (10), Synthesizer (12), Drum Machine (12)
Aaron Harmonson - Electric Bass (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12), Upright Bass (9), Electric Guitar (12)
Kit Nelson - Voice (7)
David Ney - Voice, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synthesizers, Drum & Synth Programming, Percussion, Omnichord
Ricky Penalba - Drums (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Andy Rick - Pedal Steel Guitar (10)
Ross Robinette - Drum and Synth Programming (2, 11, 12)
Christopher Stainback - Electric Bass (10)
Ryan Wapnowski - Saxophone (4)
Zach Zinn - Electric Guitar (1, 6. 10, 11)



all rights reserved


David Ney Bellingham, Washington

Performer/Recording Artist

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Track Name: Other Side
I don’t understand where we went wrong
You were always there, and then you were gone
You cut off ties, told me lies, never called
Now Summer’s here, and that don’t phase me at all

We hugged goodbye at the party
I saw your jet as it was departing
I was headed to mine at the same time – gonna fly
Opposite directions in the sky

As we drift apart
We’re only moving closer
We’re flying over different bodies of water
On this continent
You were not my perfect girl
So I’ll see you on the other side of the world

It never made sense – me and you
It was only by chance, it was just a fluke
Didn’t think it would last, or make it past a month or so
The odds were stacked against us from the get go

Now you’re gone and so am I
But I’ll see you again on the other side
I’m headed towards you and yours on a train
And I just can’t wait to see you again
Track Name: Overloaded
I wish I knew the locksmith
That made keys to the cities
My presence in their company
Would never cause alarm

I wish the only borders
Were geographic boundaries
And they would welcome me
With open arms

I wish I had a face that cries out
“I am approachable”
Whenever someone different
Would be headed my way

I’d be the kind of person
You’d think was just dynamic
When you see me walking
Down the lane

I wish I could have children
Who would be creative
Make strides in life
And desire to go far

I wish it were my style
To reconcile
With children growing into
Who they are

If you can overlook my faults
And throw caution to the wind
If you could please take note
That I – I’m only human
And if you could be forgotten
Then I would just be passing thru
I know – I’m nobody special
But if you give me a simple chance…
I could love you

I wish that my desire
Could just be tamed
By coffee and a headful
Of transatlantic verse

Wish my imagination,
With delusions of the future,
Was a blessing
And was not a curse

I wish that all this quicksand
That I’m sinking into
Were inside an hourglass
That simply could be flipped

I wish that all my statements
That come across as boorish
Came out of a mouth
That could be zipped

I wish electric blankets
Could keep me warm
When the infrastructure
Decides it will collapse

I’m too hypersensitive
To reoccurring error
I wish I could just party
And dance

If you could monitor my progress
Give me advice along the way
If you could share your knowledge
I’d listen to every word you say
Then I could try to be a good man
The things instilled I could undo
I know that I am just a bastard
But if you give me a simple chance…
I could love you

I wish my head were cleaner
But I’m afraid it’s too late
Attempts to reorganize
Have just caused it to swell

I think it’s overloaded
Knowledge and drugs
I only wish that I
Had known you well
Track Name: The Brand New Me
Am I very different?
You’d be the one to tell
I’m asking you and just you
You knew the old me so well

Seven years in solitude
And I get teary eyed
When I thought of all my friends
That’s the time I cried

Am I very different?
That’s what I was going for
Abandoning the old me
Don’t wanna see him anymore

He couldn’t be controlled
He couldn’t be contained
I tried intervention
And he only complained

Am I very different?
Do you remember me?
Do you recall the old times
When we would laugh and drink?

I’ve got a sense of humor
And I can celebrate
But my stomach’s turning
I am what I just ate

Am I very different?
You’d be the one to tell
I’m asking you and just you
You knew the old me so well

The old me was confined
Longing to be free
I’d like to introduce you
To the brand new me
Track Name: Rubina Trilogy, Part 1: I Know You Don't Know Me
I know you don’t know me But do you want to see me again?
A smile can be so handy
For using to disguise your intention

But if you do
I will write to you
On a postcard with a Lotus flower
We only knew each other for an hour
But that’s sufficient to discover
We’d be good for one another

Yes I know you don’t know me
But do you want to see me again?
We could meet in this city
Or we could meet somewhere in Great Britain

I know for sure
I will think of her
As this hopeless romantic makes his way
From China straight across to the UK
And then begins a lover’s tryst
We’ll resume our ruthless kiss

Yes I know you don’t know me
But do you want to see me again?
I wonder can you hear me?
I’m singing from the top of a mountain

For you – I’ll wait
‘Til a later date
To be able to wrap my arms around you
We’ll dance until the sky’s a reddish hue
The sun’s behind the curve, the day is through
I’ll whisper in your ear that I love you
Track Name: Rubina Trilogy, Part 2: Ocean Floor Wish
This is the longest time I’ve been in motion
I took the long way from ocean to ocean
I felt the water from a dolphin spray
She laughed at me and then she swam away

I want to feel the sand under my feet
I want to walk down a cobblestone street
I want to swim across the channel and back
Carry a Lotus for you in my pack

Ooooooh my Ruby
You know I’m on the ocean floor
Walkin’ amongst the starfish
I wish, I wish

I wish that you and I could be together
I wish that we could fly light as a feather
I want to get into a high speed chase
Shoot arrows at you like a jet fighter ace

But it’s ok if we play hard to get
I’m not afraid if I get a little wet
I’ll just be down here with the Pike and the Carp
You’ll be on dry land playing your harp

I want to lay down with you on the cove
A sandy blanket and a camping stove
Potato pancakes and a coconut husk
We’ll dine together under the light of dusk

I wade up inside of an ocean cave
I am a serf in the surf, I am a knave
I’ll hide in here with an electric eel
‘Til I can tell you how I really feel
Track Name: Rubina Trilogy, Part 3: Rubina
Rubina, Rubina
I can’t stand the fact that I met you
Rubina, Rubina
I wanna think of someone new
I see pretty girls in the world
It’s a daily occurrence
Rubina, Rubina
You don’t make no sense

Are you just a figment
Of my imagination running wild?
A lingering, malignant thought
I’ve had since I was a child
Why do you stick around
When there’s so many girls
To be found?
Rubina, are you a sorceress?
And have you cast a spell?
Rubina, come to my bedside
Cuz I’m not feeling well

If I have a little faith
Then you will strike me down
Lightning and earthquake
Stand between us now
Why do you just walk away
When I want to talk to you today?
Rubina, what do you say
Will you come to play?

If I see you cryin’
I will wipe the tears
From out your eyes
And if you look in mine
You can forget those other guys
Then you’ll know
What I’m goin’ thru
And then you’ll know
That it’s true
Rubina, I could kiss you
And make myself confused
You always kiss back
But I’m only being used
Rubina, Rubina
I can’t stand the fact that I met you
Track Name: Don't Come Around
I told you I don’t wanna see you no more
But now here you are at my door
You wanna sleep on the floor
I want you to just stay the hell away
Go to the city and stay
And get your head together someday
And when you do…

Don’t come around
Don’t come around
Sayin’ that you’ve changed
Don’t come around
Even if it’s true
Don’t come around
I don’t care about you

I told you I don’t wanna see you again
I can no longer pretend
That you and I are even just friends
I want you to stay the hell away from me
I wish that my mind could be free
But I can’t escape memory

I told you I don’t wanna see you around
I don’t care what religion you found
Or how you got your feet on the ground
I want you to just turn around and walk
There’s no point when we continue to talk
Don’t ever come to my door and knock
Track Name: Forgetful
Tunnel vision
Breakneck speed
The coal cars
Turn to diamond steed
Clothing waving in the wind

Alfalfa fields
Return to mate
Never once knowing that they’ve sinned

I almost forgot
It’s impolite to talk
When you don’t have nothing to say

The brightest star in the sky
Disappears as time goes by
Never once looking back at earth
Make believe the blackest hole
Is where you end up when you go
Rapping at the door of your rebirth

I almost forgot
My fruits began to rot
When my mind started to decay

And I know that you and me
Could raise a family
I just wish you were real
And not a part of me
And you know I would send
You anything my friend
If the distance weren’t so cosmically far

Rolling river
Vulture’s bones
I’m out here
On my own
Descending, Falling, Plummeting
In mass
Sedimentary erosion
Wallow in the sun
Scales emanating gas

I almost forgot
That I have seen a lot
But experience rarely returns to play

Solar waiter
Counts his tips
He made a lot
From his eclipse
Now it’s time to shine
His brightest flare
You can go the speed of light
If you find
That kind of flight
Look for it floating in the air

I almost forgot
It’s impolite to talk
When you don’t have nothing to say
Track Name: Always a Boy
He still doesn’t know if he has crossed that line
He still thinks of himself as a wunderkind
Innocence lost
He made it across
But he was a child in the back of his mind

He’s waiting for someone to give him a sign
He doesn’t know what to look for or what he’ll ever find
Hair on his chest
In his Sunday best
He was a child in the back of his mind

A girl caught his fancy and in due time
He would link to her in a tie that would bind
They had intercourse
Then they were divorced
Still he was a child in the back of his mind

He lost all his money, but he felt fine
He was content to leave it all behind
Kicked out of his home
He was free to roam
Cuz he was a child in the back of his mind

Then came the year that both the parents he had died
He wrote a eulogy on paper that was lined
Read it to the mourners
Dressed in blackened furs
Still he was a child in the back of his mind

One day somebody handed him a life insurance plan
He crumpled it up and threw it into the garbage can
He will live forever
He’ll fly to Never, Never
Always a boy and never a man
Always a boy and never a man
Track Name: La Closerie
Let no one say
I haven’t made my way
And I tell it – tell it like it is
Let no one claim
I haven’t played the game
Let no one say, “the pleasure wasn’t his”

I was stopped in my tracks
By a man with a mask
And his blade cut me to the curb
But I was revived
I’m still alive
And not a bit disturbed

If I fall off that horse
I just get right back on
That big ol’ saddle
And ride into the dawn
If I ever lose my way
Off the beaten path
I walk that dusty trail
‘Til I make it back

Let no one say
There is a brighter day
In the past – that outshines what’s to come
Let no one claim
There is a name
More important than any other one

Back then in aught 3
I lost my memory
And I’m slowly
Gaining it back
I had to go abroad
I had to applaud
The inventors
Of the color black

Let no one say
That Marshall Ney
Didn’t raise me to think and act like him
Let no one claim
That was ever my aim
I don’t make decisions based upon a whim

I see his sword held high
Under the blackened sky
The sun was so temporary
This afternoon
I reject the family trade
My blood’s upon his blade
And I’ll be forming
A new life real soon
Track Name: Mr. Smiley's Coup
Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing, Mr. Smiley
Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
We’ve got a handle on this whole situation
We’ll take the life of the king

The coup is coming in the eve, Mr. Smiley
The coup is coming in the eve
Until we smooth out this whole situation
I advise you to take your leave

Your family is safe in the bunker, Mr. Smiley
Your family is safe in the bunker
We’ve got our eyes on your wife and your daughter
Your son, grandmother, and your uncle

Can you imagine how wonderful
Life will be
After the fall
When you regain the throne
(Mr. Smiley)

We’ve got the rockets at the ready, Mr. Smiley
We’ve got the rockets at the ready
We’ve got 10,000 troops set to move in
We’re holding our position steady

Take lots of water to the cave, Mr. Smiley
Take lots of water to the cave
Tonight you begin your new life as a free man
You are no longer a slave