Bright Blue

by David Ney

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The first solo album by David Ney. Released by Murder Mountain Records under the moniker "David Stray Ney"


released October 17, 2007

Produced by Evan Williamson and David Stray Ney

Engineered by Evan Williamson and David Stray Ney @ the Cavern Studio, Murder Mountain

Assistant Engineered by Cleveland Harris, AJ Hawn, and Troy Greig

Mastered by Paul Turpin @ Bayside Studios

The players:

Anna Arvan – Cello
Lana Blair – Vocals
Kat “the Unsinkable” Bula – Violin, Vocals
Andrew Clarke – Drums
Tyler Clarke – Electric Guitar, Clarinet
Wes Davis – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Eli Jayson – Nord Keyboard
Bug Jerome – Vocoder, Vocals
Julian MacDonough – Drums
David Stray Ney – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Drums
Mike Preuss – Resonator Guitar
Robert “Goldtooth” Ray – Upright Bass
Eric Vaughn - Piano
Jordan Watson – Electric Guitar
Isaac Weiser – Electric Bass

All songs written by David Ney (Strayney Music)



all rights reserved


David Ney Bellingham, Washington

Performer/Recording Artist

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Track Name: Some Dreams
I walked you through the alley
I walked you through your yard
I picked up an aquarium
And set it down too hard
I ruptured its integrity
And the water seeped through
Onto my face – I’ve awakened to realize
Some dreams don’t come true

I was taking my usual route
And I ran into a detour sign
You said: “I know a shortcut
And everything is fine!”
And while we were walking
I tripped in the street
You helped me to my feet so soon
As you stroke the trauma out of my head
I know some dreams don’t come true

I had a prior engagement
Made the party way too late
Everyone was drunk
And I’m in a sober state
I tried to fall into a slumber
So that I could meet up with you
But it never happened - so I hung from a tree
Cuz some dreams don’t come true

I run into the boisterous
And the walking undead
And all the while you’re snugglin’
With the covers of your bed
I’m going through a conflict
A fight in the great bright blue
It’s cold and lonely in the arctic
And some dreams don’t come true

You bent the bars of my cage
Just enough so I could fit
You ask the reason why I’m smiling
And I’m proud to say you’re it
And I can see a lot of colors
Purple, turquoise, and blue
But it’s all subjective as long as
Some dreams don’t come true
Track Name: Devoured By Sum'n Purdy
When you’re walking with the swearing geniuses
You will know how good it feels
To be included, and I must confess that
I’ve been ripped off in some street deals

I felt sensations of helplessness
I cut the wires of defibrillators
I think I know what I need best and
It ain’t the food in refrigerators

I like to travel with the sidewalk surfers
I ate a brownie and it made me late
I’m on the good side of the railroad turf nerds
I teach arithmetic on a slate

I bent the backbone of deceased illusion
I snapped the desert in a drill press
My whole life has been ruled by confusion
If you wanna kill me – I digress

I was born the son of a candyman
I was devoured by sum’n purdy
I was made into soap and then sold on the black market
And if you’re washin’ your body with me – you’ll just get dirty

A man who’s comfortable with his sexuality
Goes out walkin’ in some big ol’ boots
People rub their eyes – it’s still reality
But they just can’t figure out its roots

I met a demon, he smiled at me
He spoke in languages of post present
He’s from a future that’s arbitrary
Where they don’t hunt owls, or fouls, or pheasant

A little tantrum is a healthy exertion
You would electrocute the nearest frog
C’mon baby, let’s meet in person
And go out walkin’ in the toxic fog

I picked a brain that turned to a scab
There was a tightrope with no one to suspend on it
Elaborate kingdoms are boring and drab
I’ve got 8 pounds of hair growin’ out of my armpit
Track Name: Sunny Day
It’s a sunny day
I like it that way
And when the sky brings rain
Reminds me of my pain
And when the sky is blue
I wanna go outside with you
And when the sky is grey
I stay inside all day

Yesterday –
Was a day like that
And now I’m trying to wake
But there ain’t no hope
In me kickin’ the dope
That I use for sleep aid

A thought appears aloud
But it’s gone
I thought I heard a sound
But it’s gone

And I open a crack in my eyes
And peer through a crack in the blinds
And I notice a crack in the skies
And I’m inspired

Yesterday –
I trudged through the slush
And my complexion was bright blue
With ice through the holes
Of the bottom of soles
In my ten dollar skate shoes

I had money for a new pair
But it’s gone
Last year was the new year
But it’s gone

Maybe someday we’ll summon the ocean
And drop it upon this town
And people will know exactly how I’m feeling
When the waves come crashing down
Track Name: Summerface
Nobody knows how lonely I’ve been
Cuz I can act like nothing’s wrong
Nobody knows how painful it is
The sullen, sleepless nights are so long
I’m wearing my summer face
But I feel like winter within
Somebody better check my pulse
Cuz I don’t know if I’m breathing
I don’t even know if I’m breathing

At least I’ve got a dirty bed
In the sunny season
But nevermind the wanderer
He’s out there for a reason
My mood reflects
The color of the sky (bright blue)
My mind replays the moment
When she said goodbye

Happiness and love –
I sacrificed a degree
For comfort when I was an icicle
Now that it’s hot
I’m the only one I’ve got
And I’m left feeling very cold
I’m crying my summer tears
Like a light rain on my skin
The sky is clear
No precipitation
But I feel like a thunderstorm within
I feel like a thunderstorm within

At least I’ve got a role to play
At least I’ve got a purpose
But I could never show my insides
Only what’s on the surface
My mood reflects
The color of the sky (bright blue)
My mind replays the moment
When she said goodbye
Track Name: Returned Heart Blues
My baby returned
The heart that she stole
She said this thing don’t tick –
I think it’s broken –
So here you go

I haven’t felt this bad
Since I don’t know when
And she will never find anyone like me again

I’m a pushover
She pushed me over the edge
So many people have done her wrong
So she got her revenge

I was wounded
But I’m on the mend
And she will never find anyone like me again

I loved her
But she was covered in frost
If she don’t want my love no more
I guess that’s her loss

I feel better now, baby
So this is the end
And she will never find anyone like me again
Track Name: Footsteps
Saw it written in the sand
Someone's after me
Saw his footsteps in the sand
Someone's after me
Track Name: Pain
You say, “How’s it goin?”
And I’m saying “fine”
I just don’t want to talk
About what’s really on my mind
You see – all is not well for me
I’ve got so much trouble
But the biggest prick in the world
Ain’t gonna burst my bubble

I’m trying to deal
With this pain in my heart
Best that I can
I self medicate
I’m trying to relate
To the others
But they don’t know who I am

I just can’t wait to make it
To the trees
Down by the water
Where I can cry, and no one sees
Because twenty some years ago
I was conceived
And since I came into the world
I have not been well received

I’m trying to deal
With this falling house of cards
With a steady hand
The wind is picking up
And the tide is coming in
And this whole foundation
Was built in the sand

I wanna know
More than I can read
I wanna see
More than I can perceive
I wanna do more work
Than my body will allow
I wanna be livin’ in the future
While I’m livin’ in the now
I wanna fight
Without wearing any armor
I wanna grow
More than a thousand farmers
I wanna stretch across time and space
With a yardstick
I wanna explode
Without a pinprick
I wanna silver lining
In every cloud
I wanna meditate
And at the same time be extremely loud
I wanna wash the deck
Of a grounded ship
I wanna expand my consciousness
Without a trip
Track Name: Parisian Nights
Ah, Paris
Romantic City
I wish you were here with me
But you’re so far over the sea

Ah, your eyes
Would glimmer under Paris skies
Down by the river the forgotten poet cries

In the square
There’s a statue with corroded hair
Speaking thru me with an obvious fanfare

I dreamed we kissed
By the fountain in the Paris mist
It’s a long journey home
But I hope it’s known that you’re missed

I close my eyes
I’m picturing
You and I
Are dancing
The moon is full
Turn out the lights
Darling, let’s share Parisian nights
Parisian nights, Parisian nights
Dancing slowly in the moonlight
Parisian nights, Parisian nights

Painters stroke with candles lit
Paris officials are throwing a fit

I hear a bell
I take a stroll down Ste. Michel
The flowers smile – how sweet they smell

Parisians know
Songs of the opera that will echo
In the walls of an arch that were never meant for show

I’ve a lack of rest
All the while, you’re in the west
I’m washing down desire with bottles of zest
Track Name: The Happiest Song in the World
Grab yourself a glass of juice
It’s time for a toast
Why don’t you remove that noose
You already look like a ghost
You’ve been too hard on yourself
Don’t worry, I’ve been that way too
And I thought you might need some help
So bottoms up – this toast is for you

This is the happiest song in the world right now
It’s the one that saves your life

I’ve been noticing the way you sulk
And it’s bad for your health
Seems to me you’re taking the bulk
Of the world’s problems upon yourself
But you’re not banished or forsaken
Forgotten, or left behind
You don’t realize the difference you’re makin’
Cuz you’ve got such a cloudy mind

Now you know you mustn’t worry
‘Bout things that you can’t control
Sometimes your vision gets blurry
And you lose your path out on your stroll
But that’s just turbulence
Every journey has its bumps
You’ve got to be an influence
You’ve got to get over the hump
Track Name: Reversed Bolts
Like reversed bolts
Sending free verse jolts
To the clouds that smother
This creeping sting
With a blend of vibrance
And youthful excitement
We can sing, sing, sing
We’ll float and spin
And I’ll let you in
On a secret kept in origami
We achieved this leverage
From a natural beverage
Formed by tsunami